Hearst Trip Assignment 4/13

We had a class trip to Hearst tower. It was a great experience that showed us a behind the scene view of what happens when a magazine is being made. We learned how they organized their page layouts for magazines, and how that process went from a physically laborious task of organization to a more quick and simple digital layout throughout the years. We also learned about how the company choices to place certain pages together, usually they tend to separate like pages away from each other by 4-5 pages. Most common mistakes are 1- Bad Placement, 2-Bad Color, and 3-Competitive Separation. We also learned that the Hearst company places high importance on color balance, and has specific special rooms for different processes. For example, computers used to create digital work are placed in a dark room with gray walls, and has the computers color collaborated frequently to have the best color accuracy. When checking for color balance of a picture it is sent into a white room with special lighting, and carefully used cloths to test a printed image color balance. Overall their was a lot we learned, and I was glad to be part of it.

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