Essay #1

Jada Bennett

Monroe Street

ENG92 Writing

20 July 2020


There has been a great uproar in the Black Lives Matter movement ignited by the killing of George Floyd in late May. People are tired and want to see real change in the police and some have even called for the police to be defunded. In the article “ Where’s Black Lives Matter when you need them”, author Larry Elder talks about police brutality and feels that there’s no epidemic of racist cops killing black suspects.  Although all opinions have validity, I think it is naive of him to feel as though police brutality is not an issue. I believe that in order to stop this epidemic we need to undo 400 years of oppression of a people and racism which is not easy. I think we need serious reform and more screenings and tests of those who are considered in place to keep us safe. I also believe we need more unarmed policing to ensure that things do not become out of hand as they have been.

 It takes 6 months to become a police officer in which you learn defensive driving, firearm training, state laws, etc. You then have a fitness test and a final test based on everything that was covered in those 26 week period. In those 26 weeks there is no screening of ethics or morals nor screening to combat racism however when in the academy they teach you what demographic, based on their statistics is most likely to commit crimes. That is why we have officers like Lt. Greg Abbott who said, “But you’re not black, Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right?” Cops like Abbott were not screened on their morals or beliefs of other races, all across the media you see cops like Abbott with this point of view. Cops constantly use excessive force on one demographic of people but say stuff like this to a different demographic. It takes seven years or more to become a lawyer. How is it that cops are expected to uphold laws that they studied for 6 months when it takes up to seven years for lawyers to understand and fight for the law.

 There are 19 countries around the world that have unarmed cops in which they only are allowed weapons if the situation is merit. In these countries you see a significantly less amount of deaths and use of excessive force than in the United states. Take Norway for example, “While 1090 people were killed by police in the United States in 2019, Norway saw no deaths at the hands of police officers for the same year.” This is also a country that has a different approach to policing which ties back into my first point that reform is necessary. In countries like Norway, “Countries with a philosophy of policing by consent, believe that police should not gain their power by instilling fear in the population but rather, should gain legitimacy and authority by maintaining the respect and approval of the public. This model of policing maintains that uses of force should be restrained and success is measured not in how many arrests officers have made but rather, by the absence of crime itself.”(By Mellisa Godin June 19, 2020) Unlike the US  where you are rewarded for the surplus in arrest other countries do not reward it but often look down on it. I think cops shouldn’t carry guns because you have situations where people like Elijiah MCclain with a disability tranqed and killed when he committed no crimes whatsoever.

Some may say, Like Larry Elder, that race based police brutality is not real and there is no need for reform. The President is one of those people, who believe that black people do not suffer police brutality at a disproportionate rate. When asked on the topic of  the disproportionate rate of police brutality in the Black community his response was “So are white people. More white people, by the way.” Trying to dismantle the idea of race based brutality by saying white people face brutality too is not a solid stance. This only proves my stance of brutality and why actions need to be taken, if you have an officer using an excessive amount of force on any demographic of people and not see a problem with it then your moral viewpoint is jaded. 

 With more screenings, tests and time in the police academy I believe that we will see a decline in race based brutality. I believe that when we begin to have officers unarmed and not treat the badge as a show of force and power but as a respectful show of honor we will then begin to have and see change. Race based Police brutality in the United States is an epidemic that needs to be put to an end and while I do not fully agree with defunding the police in its entirety I do believe that there is a lot that needs to be fixed and changed.


Jada Bennett Essay 2

Jada Bennett

Monroe Street

ENG 92 Writing 

27 July 2020

Essay 2 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been various of events and tragedies that happened . In the article “ First lockdowns, then riots- here’s how left hypocrisy added fuel to the fire” by Rep. Ken Bucks, discusses how during this pandemic, protesting, looting and riots have made a drastic change in the world after the death of George Floyd. In my opinion, protesting is a good thing for when you want to fight for what’s right. However, not during a COVID -19 pandemic. We have lost globally over 700,00 people. People have been protesting nationwide and it has been very dangerous and most of all unhealthy. 



Social distancing has been the main issue people have seem not to follow. People are protesting in massive crowds when they’re not suppose to.This was very effective to people because while being in the same crowd, people are spreading there bacteria and germs around. This has also been a major problem because some people haven’t also been following the rule to wear a mask outside. “ Yet as these vigilantes take to the street, I have yet to  hear any state or local leaders cry “social distancing” and break  up these mass gatherings out of coronavirus concerns.” It’s appalling that people aren’t taking these precautions as seriously as they’re supposed to .There’s people that’s systematic and would think that it’s not necessary for them to wear a mask. However, they’re still at risk they can still catch the virus. 


During this pandemic, were given a curfew to follow to stop the looting and rioting. Protesters weren’t following those rules which caused them to get into fights with officers and attacked my tear gas and rubber bullets. This is another terrible thing during this pandemic because this has made nothing any better than what we are going through already. Everyday, we are losing family members, friends and loved ones from this virus. It gets even worse when people are not going by the laws and regulations to avoid anymore deaths and violence. “The same politicians who once called for total lockdowns of their states are now allowing looters and rioters to destroy the communities they claim to love.” With that being said , the looting and rioting was uncalled for in the first place. Whether politicians allowed it or not, this was something that changed the world negatively. 

I am uncertain about when Buck quotes “I will always stand up for Americans’ First Amendment rights — whether it be peacefully protesting or practicing their faith. However, in no way is the behavior we are seeing a peaceful demonstration.” The fact that people were protesting during a pandemic was not much of a good idea. I feel like if you want to express how you feel towards what’s happening in the world , it’s ways to go around it without looting and physically fighting the police. That isn’t making it no better and being in a crowd like that is very unhealthy especially because we were in a pandemic. The coronavirus was by far the most tragic and depressing thing that happened to us and it has changed the new normal today. Protesting during COVID-19 was the most dangerous thing people have done to have their voices heard.

Jada Bennett Essay #2 Outline

Jada Bennett

Monroe Street 

ENG92 Writing

26 July 2020


Topic: People have been protesting massively during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Title: “ First lockdowns, then riots- here’s how left’s hypocrisy added fuel to the fire”-Rep. Ken Buck


Thesis- Protesting is a good thing for when you want to fight for what’s right.However, not during a COVID -19 pandemic.


Reason 1- Meanwhile protesting, you’re surrounded by a bunch of people when you’re supposed to be socially distancing.


Reason 2- Protestors have taken it a little too with looting, damaging business , even getting hurt by the police.


Related Stories- 

  • My friend Nyah went to go protest and it turned out to be so dangerous and reckless that she had to leave immediately.
  • Protestors were getting hit with rubber bullets and injured very badly.


Quotation- “Yet, as these vigilantes take to the street, I have yet to hear any state or local leaders cry “social distancing” and break up these mass gatherings out of coronavirus concerns.”


Counter argument- “I will always stand up for Americans’ First Amendment rights — whether it be peacefully protesting or practicing their faith. However, in no way is the behavior we are seeing a peaceful demonstration.


Refute the counter argument- The behavior isn’t right, but what would you have expected? We have been going through this for a long time and people have reached their point where something needs to be done. Voices and feelings needed to be heard and that was their breakpoint to do so.

Jada Bennett Assignment 7/20

  1. Does Elder agree with Kaba (the first reading we did) about the Black Lives Matter movement and what to do about police brutality?

When it comes to the opinions of the Black lives matter movement, Elder and Kaba do not see eye to eye to say the least. Elder does not acknowledge the Black lives matter movement as needed, because he does not believe the facts behind the movement are true to begin with. He goes on to say “There is no epidemic of racist cops killing black suspects, and continues to give his take on the “real reason” black people are dying. Kaba however, fully acknowledges the severity of the Black lives matter movements and his take on what needs to happen to what he believes will cause and end to the brutality. His piece talks about why abolishing the police is a necessary move and giving examples as to why reform doesn’t work.

  1.   Does Bill McCarthy agree with Larry Elder? Why/why not? 

Bill McCarthy’s take on Larry Elder’s stance is that although facts were given, the whole truth was not given therefore his stance is unproven. Elder took facts out of context regarding populous size, he did not take into account people of color being killed by off duty cops and by other lethal weapons other than guns. McCarthy says, “Elder’s claim also omitted important context: that black people in the U.S. are disproportionately killed by police relative to their share of the population.” Larry’s stance on the damages of police brutality does not recognize the picture as a whole and Mccarthy points that out.

  1. Does the final article (by an anonymous author) agree with Bill McCarthy’s view of Larry Elder’s article?

The anonymous author does not agree with Bill McCarthy’s view of Larry Elder’s article.