OpenLab How-to Instructional Videos

I just made some very embarrassing but hopefully helpful instructional videos to help you get set up using OpenLab and City Tech email–as well as to show you how to respond to assignments with “Comments” and how to share your essays as “Posts.”
These 3 videos—Setup, Post, and Comment—should be available for you to view soon at the link below.

2 thoughts on “OpenLab How-to Instructional Videos”

  1. Kenyah Logan
    Monroe street

    Part A
    Mariame Kaba, In her article she is trying to focus on police power. She noticed that the police department is getting paid $300 billion to stop police violence. She feels like that money should go towards healthcare, school, housing and so on. She feels like that money can help a lot of people. She is trying to make us believe that it could stop all the crime and violence from police and we wouldn’t need them any more. Tracey meaves, In her article she thinks that we should transform the police. She noticed that some police treat people differently by the race or gender which shouldnt be the case. She feels like people shouldn’t give up on policing but rather change it. But if they can’t change their way that will serve everyone equally then it should be abolished.
    Part B
    In both articles “yes we mean literally abolish the police ” by mariame kaba and “policing: a public good gone bad” by tracey meares writes about different police views. While Kaba is over the police and the way they treat people, Tracey feels like they can be changed for the better. Kaba feels like the police have way too much power so they feel like they can do anything and have people to back them up. Tracey feels kinda the same about how policies treat different people differently but she feels like they can change and treat people equally. Towards the end of tracey articles it states” If police can’t find a way to change in ways that will better serve the people than yes, their footprint should be reduced”. The most important thing I noticed in these articles was that Kaba felt like there was no hope for polices action and it will never change. Tracey has hope but if she sees no change to the police should be abolished.

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