ENG92, Dev Writing, July 2020

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ENG92, Dev Writing, July 2020
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Summer 2020
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Developmental English

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Essay #1

Jada Bennett Monroe Street ENG92 Writing 20 July 2020   There has been a great […] See MoreEssay #1

Lubna Mojumder Essay 2

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Final Exam (attached) and Final Portfolio Checklist

Final Exam Link: Due tomorrow in your Google Drive folder.  11:59p. Good luck! Final […] See MoreFinal Exam (attached) and Final Portfolio Checklist

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https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-74pw2DmjEVO-TDmAO17KxN6ge8hGgys See More

Atta Tariq Professor Monroe ENG92 7/26/19 Topic: Is it safe to protest during a […] See More

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