Final Exam (attached) and Final Portfolio Checklist

Due tomorrow in your Google Drive folder.  11:59p.
Good luck!

Final Portfolio / Google Drive Folder CHECKLIST
Due: Thu 7/30, 11:59p

–> share the whole folder as a link in this survey

  1. Five (5) article summaries (guidelines in course syllabus)
  2. Two Revised OpenLab responses (not your Essays 1 and 2; these are your shorter responses to assignments #1-5 on OL; revise using feedback I gave you on OL)
    –Make a separate Google Doc for each revised response; save it in your Google Portfolio Folder
    –Include your original response, your revised response, and a brief note explaining what you revised.
    One (1) of these revised OL responses can be your Midterm (see #4 below) 
  3. Essay 1 and Essay 2 (2 drafts each; 4 documents total)
    –please share as separate documents in your Google Portfolio Folder.
    –Include 2 drafts of each Essay assignment: your first draft and your revised, final draft
    –Include a note at the top of each Final essay that explains what you revised
  4. Your revised “Midterm/Checkpoint” article summary (assignment #3 on OpenLab) and a note explaining what you revised.
  5. Your Final Exam essay, to be completed in no more than 90 minutes between now and Thursday night. NOTE: This will involve reading a short, new article and writing a persuasive essay with your own thesis that responds to the topic of the article.

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