Essay 1 Assignment

Essay 1 Prompt (500-600 words, draft due Mon 7/20)

What do you think should be done about racism & police brutality in the US?  In your essay, introduce us to the background info and context regarding this issue in the US in year 2020.  Then give us your point of view (your response to the above question) and quickly summarize your reasons for holding this view.  In your body paragraphs, discuss your reasons in depth, using both logical reasoning, examples (stories—your own and from the media), and your imagined outcomes for the proposals you make.

In addition, be sure you do the following in one or more of your essay’s body paragraphs:

–Summarize at least one article we’ve read, referring to multiple sides of the issue covered in the article, quoting at least one passage from it, and responding to that passage.

–Present an opposing viewpoint; that is, consider—read: write about—what you imagine someone who disagrees with your viewpoint might say—and respond to their criticisms

15% of final grade