Lubna Mojumder Essay 2

Lubna Mojumder

Essay 2

 During the Covid- 19 pandemic, there have been various events and tragedies that happened. In the article “First lockdowns, then riots, here’s how hypocrisy added fuel to the fire” by Rep. Ken Bucks, discusses how during this pandemic, protesting, looting and riots have made a drastic change in the world after the death oF George Floyd. I believe protesting is good for fighting for what’s right when you want to. Not during a Covid -19 pandemic though. We have lost over 689,00 people globally. People protested nationwide and it was very dangerous, and mostly unhealthy.

First of all,  Social removal has been the fundamental issue individuals have appeared not to follow. Social removing has been the fundamental issue individuals have appeared not to follow. Individuals are fighting in enormous groups when they’re not assumed to.This was extremely powerful to individuals on the grounds that while being in a similar group, individuals are spreading their

 microscopic organisms and germs around. This has additionally been a significant issue since certain individuals haven’t likewise been observing the standard to wear a veil outside. ” Yet as these vigilantes take to the road, I still can’t seem to hear any state or neighborhood pioneers cry “social removing” and separate these mass get-togethers out of coronavirus concerns.” It’s shocking that individuals aren’t playing it safe as genuinely as they should. .There’s kin that is deliberate and would imagine that it’s a bit much for them to wear a cover. Notwithstanding, they’re still in danger they can in any case come down with the infection.

Second, During this pandemic, we were given a time limitation to follow to stop the plundering and revolting. Nonconformists weren’t keeping those guidelines which made them get into battles with officials and assaulted my nerve gas and elastic shots. This is another awful thing during this pandemic since this has improved nothing any than what we are experiencing as of now. Regular, we are losing relatives, companions and friends and family from this infection. It deteriorates when individuals are not passing by the laws and guidelines to evade any longer passings and viciousness. “Similar government officials who once called for absolute lockdowns of their states are currently permitting marauders and agitators to obliterate the networks they guarantee to cherish.” With that being said , the plundering and revolting was inappropriate in any case. Regardless of whether government officials permitted it or not, this was something that changed the world. 

I am questionable about when Buck cites “ I will always stand up for Americans’ first Amendment protesting or practicing their faith. In any case, not the slightest bit is the conduct we are seeing at a serene exhibition.” The way that individuals were fighting during a pandemic was a sorry smart thought. I have a feeling that in the event that you need to communicate how you feel towards what’s going on the planet , it’s best to approach it without plundering and truly battling the police. That isn’t making it no better and being in a group like that is extremely undesirable particularly on the grounds that we were in a pandemic. The coronavirus was by a long shot the most disastrous and discouraging thing that happened to us and it has changed the new ordinary today. Fighting during COVID-19 was the most hazardous thing individuals have done to have their voices heard.