Date Agenda Homework
8.26 路聽聽 introductions

路聽聽 review syllabus and supply list

acquire supplies/materials from list
8.30 路聽聽 line and volume

路聽聽 pencil ratings and when to use them

路聽聽 timed still-life exercise

need to have all supplies by the next class!
9.6 路聽 聽assign Lost and Found project

路聽聽 take photos of visual compositions for use in project

complete and upload drawings for project to OpenLab
9.9 路聽聽 trace key compositional shapes and lines from photos

路聽 聽choose final image, begin work on sketches

finish three draft sketches
9.13 路聽 聽complete and review draft sketches

路聽 聽analyzing geometry of compositions

路聽 聽work on final drawings

complete Lost and Found project
9.16 路聽 聽Lost and Found project due

路聽聽 linear perspective; perspective vs. isometry

路聽聽 practice 2-point perspective with simple geometric shapes

路聽聽 assign pattern portrait project; take portraits and begin step 2 of assignment

finish step 2 of the pattern portrait project
9.20 路聽 聽shade, value, and visual mixing

路聽 聽manipulating vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator

路聽聽 creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator

complete pattern portrait project
9.23 路聽 聽Pattern Portrait project due; don鈥檛 forget to bring all four drawings (three views and perspective)

路聽聽 working with acrylic

路聽聽 demo different brush shapes/styles

9.30 路聽聽 additive color

路聽聽 paint tint and shade grades

路聽聽 begin painting color wheel

路聽聽 assign pixel painting project

complete tint/shade grades and color wheel
10.7 路聽聽 museum trip (optional)

路聽聽 meeting at Brooklyn Museum (free)

路聽聽 discuss a few specific artworks as a group

路聽聽 explore independently, find/photograph painting to use for pixel painting project

choose painting to use for pixel painting project; visit museum (Brooklyn Museum or the Met) on your own if you weren鈥檛 with class
10.11 路聽聽 check tint/shade grades and color wheels

路聽聽 review images for pixel painting project

路聽聽 grid source image and bristol board; begin filling squares with averaged colors

work on pixel painting
10.14 路聽聽 optical mixing and process color

路聽聽 swatch game

路聽聽 studio day: work on pixel painting

work on pixel painting
10.18 路聽聽 studio day: work on pixel painting finish pixel painting
10.21 路聽聽 pixel painting project due

路聽聽 discuss key elements of compositions in critique

路聽聽 assign recomposed project

路聽聽 begin sketching/brainstorming abstract version for recomposed project

use colored pencil to sketch three different versions of abstracted composition
10.25 路聽聽 review/discuss sketch homework

路聽聽 synesthesia and color association

路聽聽 visualizing music exercise

begin pencil layout of abstracted composition
10.28 路聽聽 review styles of abstraction

路聽聽 studio day: finish pencil layouts and begin painting recomposed project

work on recomposed project
11.1 路聽聽 constructivism and visual rhythm

路聽聽 check progress on recomposed paintings

路聽聽 work on recomposed project in class

finish recomposed project
11.4 路聽聽 recomposed project due

路聽聽 photomontage 鈥 the photo as graphic

bring scissors to next class
11.8 路聽聽 assign photomontage project; randomly select verbal prompt

路聽聽 start project by clipping images from magazines/books/newspapers

sketch three layout ideas for 11.15; collect additional images from your own sources
11.11 路聽聽 digital imagery basics

路聽聽 introduce Adobe Photoshop, demonstrate opening, resizing, exporting files, selections and layers

finish layout ideas
11.15 路聽聽 review layout ideas

路聽聽 additive (RGB) color

路聽聽 blend modes and adjustment layers

start work on final version of photomontage project
11.18 路聽聽 demonstrate quick mask and layer masks in Photoshop

路聽聽 studio day; work on photomontage project

finish photomontage project
11.22 路聽聽 photomontage project due

路聽聽 Terry Gilliam animation mini-fest

11.25 NO CLASS
11.29 路聽聽 assign photorealism project, give verbal prompts

路聽聽 using brushes and layer masks

路聽聽 custom brushes and brush behavior

sketch thumbnails of at least 10 different creative directions
12.2 路聽聽 review concept thumbnails

路聽聽 demonstrate CC image search methods

路聽聽 what makes a 鈥済ood鈥 source image?

路聽聽 managing files

collect images for photorealism project
12.6 路聽聽 the color of light and shadow, atmospheric perspective

路聽聽 comparing/conforming colors from multiple sources

路聽聽 start assembling photorealism composition

complete digital draft of photorealist composition
12.9 路聽聽 studio day; work on photorealism project finish photorealism project; check and collect any missing assignments
12.13 路聽聽 photorealism project due

路聽聽 final crit


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