Editorial Illustration


My Editorial Illustration is going to be about school kill creativity. Schools and parents have strengthened their children’s learning abilities but neglected their equally important artistic abilities. With the advancement of society, obsolete education methods and concepts are no longer applicable in modern teaching. A step-by-step education system not only limits children’s independent thinking and creativity but also make them become an inconspicuous person with no outstanding features, just like everybody else. Education is not instilling the knowledge of the rules into the minds of children. The essence of education is to teach children the ability to learn instead of letting children lose their imagination, creativity, confidence, personality, and assertive.

Sketchbook/Imaginary Ideas

Hi Professor,

I had a problem uploading my 4 sketches on open lab; it says that the image is too big so I uploaded them on my eportfolio instead. I still have yet to do my 3 concept sketches but will do start them in class tomorrow.