Narrative illustration Jennifer Chung

Research: Time period is modern, the culture is Korean/Japanese, the environment would be taking place in the woods at an open space area near the lake at night.

Story Concept: The woman gets lost in the woods from a distracting ball, she then sees a beautiful woman with fox tails and together they fall in love. But the fox kills the woman to stay as a human.


Tales about Nine Tails: an Overview of Eastern Fox Spirits

Monster of the Week: Kumiho

Illustration Research

Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction

We take social media for granted and we don’t realize the harmful things about being addicted to the media. We depend a lot on our phones and when we don’t have them around we get anger, irritability, depress, and have anxiety. Our eyes can burn and strain from staring at the screen for a long period of time which┬ácan cause headaches. People develop neck problems from looking down at their phones. It can also be contained with germs. Some of the bacteria can be a life-threatening┬áinfection to the heart, bones, joints, and more. This is important because most┬ápeople claim that they are not addicted or their pains aren’t caused because of their phone.