Not so little red riding hood

Once upon a time there was a girl not so little called red riding hood. She was from the Bronx projects. She belonged to the gang called Bloods known in the hood. She always wearing a red Cape to let her hood know she was rocking with them. One time her mom was so upset with her for her attitude red riding hood wanted to run away. Her mom tries to stop her, but she ultimately leaves the apartment. She decides to go to her boyfriend house, but he lives past the projects. She decides to head over there and calls him on the phone, but he doesn’t pick up. When she arrives to his house she notices the door open. She enters and notices her boyfriend in bed with his eyes closed. She then jumps in bed trying to wake him up and tell him about her mother when she notices he is dead. She gets out of bed frightened and the closet door opens. An enemy of the bloods, crips is waiting for her to kill her. He tries to stab her and misses. When he notices that she was well known for her fighting skills he tries to get some distance and takes out a gun and shoots her. She died. The crip member had to hurry before the police arrived. He got away.


Moral of the story

Listen to you parents

There’s a lot of dangerous people in the hood

Time is 2007

Regular dark theme

Stanley Quach Story Concept

Elvis Died at the Florida Barber College

The story describe a 10 year old boy in the orphanage that was curious of Elvis Presley of how all the girls were attracted to Elvis due to his wavy hair. Upon half an hour, the matron from the orphanage called all the boys to visit Florida for new shoes and a haircut. He gets an idea to get Elvis hair cut which attracted most of the girls, so he can be like him where he can become popular and attractive someday. Upon the visit at the big barber shop, the boy asked a man, which was a barber to ask for a hairstyle like Elvis. However, the matron asked the barber which shook his head, telling her no. The matron then ask another men about the barber cutting the hairstyle, where the boy realize that the barber was not allowed to provide Elvis Hair Cuts. Afterward, the matron and the barber yelled at each other and walked separately. The barber then walked outside, smoking a cigarette while the boy followed and stood beside him and asked about Elvis Presley.

Change for Interpretation:
My change for the story is the style of the characters where it involves all human-like people into skelations that are alive and take part of the story which remains the same. The place has been mentioned in the story which is in the barber place, but the time is not mentioned. The change will also involves a gloomy night.

Clear Targeted Demographic:
This short story can be a teen-friendly story with the project idea of drawing cartoons of both the skelation and the setting of the barber place.

Description of Characters and Setting of the project:
The character involves the main character of a boy in a orphanage, and a barber and matron.


Final Project Ideas

The article I picked


The story I decided to choose is “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” It’s a very short story about a wolf having trouble obtaining his prey so he decided himself as the prey.

1st scenario or concept I want to update the setting, I want the new story to take place in the future where artificial intelligence exist and machines and robots are a common thing. Instead of a wolf disguising himself in sheep clothing in order to kill sheep, I want it to be the wolf killing evil robots so this wolf disguises itself as a robot by wearing armor, hiding its identity and killing robots.

For my 2nd scenario or concept is updating the mood. I want it to be a love story about a wolf and a sheep. Instead of a wolf disguising himself in sheep clothing in order to kill sheep, I want it to be the wolf loves one of the female sheep so this wolf disguises itself as a male sheep, fooling the female sheep into liking him.