My topic for project 3

*I don’t know why but openlab isn’t letting me put the link… but the name of the article is “Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics” from the New York Times.*

My topic is about how black hair can get “entangled” in society and in political issue. I choice this topic being that I am an African American woman with tight coily hair, I could relate to the black girls and women being discriminated and bashed for their hair (it hasn’t happened to me but I want to speak out on this issue, visually). Another thing is that, this issue isn’t so much recognized in the list of social issues, and it is even often disregarded. Everyone needs to be aware of this issue because rejecting and depriving someone because of what naturally grows out of their head leads to decline of self esteem, especially to the younger generation. So this isn’t an physical issue, but a mentality issue as well. People would often say, “well it’s just hair”, well, this hair is being rejected from jobs, suspended/expelled, from schools and bashed even by the U.S government. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. As for the article. it discusses hair discrimination not only in politics but in society as well, yet it isn’t seen as an serious issue. I like the title of this article, Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics, you can almost sense the tiredness and the “ugh, not again” in the title, which helped me visually what I want for a concept. As for my idea, I want to visually represent what us black women and girls have to go through today because of hair discrimination through metaphor.

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