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Sorry for the late post. The article that I chose basically talks about how nowadays teens are more open towards seeking help in regards to their mental health, and how doctors are quick to prescribe medications as short-term solutions. While the teens say that being on medication has improved their lives, one expert argues that it doesn’t help in the long run. Most people that start medication early usually stays in medication until well into their adulthood and sometimes for life. In addition, there are many harmful side effects.

The first sketch is of a guy drowning in a pool of watchful eyes, a doctor on a boat made of a pill is using a pill as a fishing bait. the second is a doctors hand putting a pill inside a  “clean” brain, while in the back we see more brains with more and more pills.  the third is a girl trapped inside a pill.



One thought on “concept sketches

  1. Amir- These are wonderful images. I can see you making 2 or 3 work really well.

    #1 doesn’t feel clearly related to the article’s main concept enough. It could be considered about voyeurism or suicide.

    I think 3 seems the most compelling… is the pill is filling with liquid? I like it. What is that representing? This seems like a combo between ideas 1 and 3. Can you make it more obvious whats happening to the girl inside the pill ? Consider the side effects maybe of being medicated… what metaphors or imagery comes to mind.

    2 could be very surreal and interesting… but it seems a little too obvious right now.
    Good work.

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