Sketchbook Week 4

Choose visual imagery that may appear in your final poster design. Fill your 4 pages by drawing careful studies of these design elements. For each design element try to choose several exciting poses聽and points of view. 聽Consider these studies towards the final piece. Also find samples of type faces that you might use for the final poster. If you plan to use hand drawn letterforms, practice this in your sketchbook.

Week 3 Sketches

MORE Studies from Reference towards your FINAL Project 1 ILLUSTRATION

Fill your 4 pages by drawing聽careful studies聽design elements that factor into your final art. For each of you this will be different.

Also CONSIDER The idea of developing a visual vocabulary!聽 If you don’t understand this….YOU DID NOT DO THE READING.聽 馃檪

The important part here is that you SKETCH FROM REFERENCE. 聽For each聽design element聽try several sketches and points of view. 聽Consider these studies towards the final art piece.


Just a reminder, here are your Sketchbook Requirements :聽

For this course students are required to keep an ongoing sketchbook which will be utilized a minimum of 1 hour, 30 min per page, for a total of 4 timed sketchbook pages per week.

  • Students can聽not聽to tear out pages and pages must be dated. Students may of course draw MORE than the required 4 pages. Sketchbooks will be reviewed weekly as part of peer critique.
  • This Sketchbook will have the specific purpose of being a PROCESS journal.

Sketchbook Week 2 : Visual Vocabulary

This short excerpt from Yuko Shimizu‘s聽blog post considers the importance of developing a unique visual vocabulary. After reading this article, consider how you can use your sketchbook as a tool to developing your own visual vocabulary.

鈥 I believe many of you who are reading my blog are aspiring illustrators. If you are, here is something you may want to remember, or to work on, if your art school instructors haven’t taught you already: we have to be remembered by something we are good at, so when a prospective client sees a topic that needs to be illustrated, they know who to call.


The most obvious themes prospective clients think of in connection with my work are Japanese or Chinese themes. I am Japanese, but I had also studied Cantonese for three years, and I have strong interest in Chinese culture. And people somehow see that in my work. There are other themes, like sexy girls, action and sports, comic-book look, snow, and water and underwater themes.鈥


What kind of things are you interested in drawing?

What visuals might become important visual signatures for you?聽 Draw 4 pages exploring YOUR visual Vocabulary in your sketchbook.

Post your thoughts on this along with your 4 Sketchbook Pages.

*Be sure to Tag them Sketchbook!

Sketchbook Week One

This week鈥檚 sketchbook theme is鈥 Meet the Artist!

Page 1: #meettheartist

Create a meet the artist page for yourself in your Sketchbook! Look on Instagram or fb for聽#meettheartist聽and then design one to introduce yourself. 聽You may use any media and style you feel is appropriate! 聽You may choose to include any information about yourself you wish.

Pages 2-4:聽 LOVES and HATES

Draw imagery based on your list of LOVES and HATES… FROM REFERENCE!

For example, LOVE CATS?聽 Fill a page with drawings based on photos of your furry friends.聽 HATE SPIDERS? … DRAW THEM TO HELP DEAL WITH YOUR LOATHING!

Post your drawings when complete along with a blurb introducing yourself and a PHOTO of your WORKSPACE.



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