Overall Assignment:

You’ve been contacted to produce a poster for a special event for a dream client!  Choose a favorite band, show, or cause and represent the feeling of it through skillful design and composition.

CHECK OUT Concert Posters from the San Francisco Fillmore for inspiration.  Try searching for different years.  The Fillmore has had an illustrated poster for every concert since the 1960’s, when its doors opened.

Text should be minimal and complementary to the Illustration, which should be the focus of the project.

  • Choose something you truly care about.
  • The cause or event can be a real or made-up.
  • The copy can be real or made up.
  • The subject is totally up to you.

Final art needs to be black-and-white and 11″ x 17″.

Note: If you have the opportunity to use this assignment to make a poster for a real event, school play, friend’s band, and so on, it’s recommended that you go for that!


DUE next week:

  • Choose your topic and thoroughly research it.
  • Brainstorm thoroughly on your topic to help you come up with UNIQUE concpets.
  • Decide on Copy and create at least 20 thumbnail designs, demonstrating at least 5 different concepts, for a poster advertising the event or cause of your choice.
  • Post a short description of the idea for your project and why you chose it, the copy for your event, and your inspiration. You may begin to assemble a library of reference for the project as well and you can feel free to share it.

Be sure to COMMENT on at least 2 of your classmates’ ideas!