Project 1: Beverage Label Reboot, Part 2



Bitter American

DUE 9/25 :


PART 2: Concept Sketches


  • Create between 3 and 4 concept sketches to present to your art director in your sketchbook.
  • Base these drawings on the feedback you received on your thumbnails. These drawings should be in proportion to the specs of your final art. They should fully and accurately describe your visual concepts to your art director and provide clear images for him/her to choose from.
  • These sketches should be done at a high level of finish, and should use your sketchbook work as well as your reference to help you come up with the best possible sketches.


* Continue Collecting Reference Images related to your concepts as well as inspirational images and reference. Be prepared to share your inspiration by next class.


*Be sure to use a ruler to ensure your rough sketches are the correct proportions  BEFORE you begin them.



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