P4 Model and Expressions Sheets!


Grandma, gender-bent Hunter, the wolf, Wolfe (human form), and gender-bent RRH 😀


Bradford Project 4 Proposals

Story: Red Riding Hood

Proposal 1

  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Genderbent RRH
  • Audience: YA
  • Setting: Big City
  • The wolf is really human who worked security detail where Grandma is head of the company. He is programed by the Powers That Be to be seen as a ferocious wolf by people who are not woke.
  • The items that RRH is tasked to deliver to Grandmother are merely disguised as food. In actuality its precious fuel found only in that forest area that is needed to keep powering the blanket “matrix” kept over the world.

Proposal 2

  • Genre: Suspense
  • Audience: YA
  • Genderbent RRH
  • RRH wakes up with no memory of who he is or where he is. Finds a carefully hidden note that tells him to seek out “Grandmother” and a few items sewn into his clothing. He ends up running into a hunter known only as The Wolf.

Project 3 Concepts for Final Pencil

After considering the options I wanted to go with the Oval Office! I have 2 concepts for framing 2 different sections of the office. For the front desk view, Im still unsure what else to add on it. For the tree view, I might copy the actual painting hanging in the real office and there’s also more subtle nazi ornaments I want to hide in there just figuring out how still.