Project 3 Concepts for Final Pencil

After considering the options I wanted to go with the Oval Office! I have 2 concepts for framing 2 different sections of the office. For the front desk view, Im still unsure what else to add on it. For the tree view, I might copy the actual painting hanging in the real office and there’s also more subtle nazi ornaments I want to hide in there just figuring out how still.

One thought on “Project 3 Concepts for Final Pencil

  1. OH! Julie these both look good. I love the attention to detail especially in that desk on the right. I would want that tree too look rounder, the flags more 3-d… but good!

    You need GREAT OVAL OFFICE REFERENCE. Make your changes to the decor subtle and a SECOND read. Make those xmas lights light sources. Get ref for holiday decor and get all the oval office proportions correct. This is a super specific scene so it needs to be recognizable. Go with Left side view as it is easier to recognize. You make adolf nutcracker more subtle.

    SO GOOD.

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