Proposed working method (Jingyi)

By comparing the actual photography with my drawing, I realized that I now have a better understanding of the perspective of the ratio of the human body. Some details cannot be accurately illustrated through imagination alone. Sometimes to get accurate impression, one must consult an actual image for certain details.

I would like to use the combination of traditional and digital art making for my work. For my work process, I would like to do my concept sketches traditionally on my sketch book. After that I will move the rough sketch to photoshop and work on it digitally to make adjustment and modifications. Then I will proceed the coloring job via photoshop as well.

The tutorial video that chose is about two point perspective. I chose this video because in relation to my first paragraph, this video is focuses on technique, I think this is important due to technique is something that can be gained through learning. Unlike technique, a grasp on the interpretation of details, cannot be learned but mastered through years of practice.

Concept Sketches Revised:

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