What is Grammar?

a. spelling
b. word order/syntax/the way words are put together to form sentences
c. the meaning of words in certain contexts
d. proper English
e. punctuation
f. the structure of how to write, read, and speak
g. pronunciation
h. tone
i. diction

Of the nine definitions, how many of the above should be included in a technical definition of grammar?

Questions About Grammar

Does grammar vary between speaking and writing?

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6 Responses to What is Grammar?

  1. Maria Perez says:

    1. How does it affect the meaning of the work?
    2. Is grammar the same internationally?

  2. Lexix says:

    1.What are the differences between grammar in writing and speaking?
    2.What are the similarities between grammar in writing and speaking?
    3.How do you get better at grammar?

  3. 1) Why is grammar important?

    2) Should Grammer be a main focus when writing?

    3) Is Grammer more important when writing or speaking?

  4. Is there an official correct form of grammar that everyone should go by?
    What is the grammar dictionary based on? (language, culture)
    Does grammar very between speaking and writing?

  5. cassandra west says:

    What’s the correct grammar for numbers: When to spell out and When to write as numbers?

    Does “correct grammar” have to be used to understand a writers’ work?

    Is their an author out there that doesn’t apply the grammar rule to their writing?

  6. shiraa says:

    Does grammar vary between speaking and writing?
    Since theres many different languages out there, do each language have it’s own grammar?
    Do all languages have a certain rule they follow when it comes to grammar?

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