Update #1

So since I started this blog, I’ve been sticking up for the games that are always being look down upon. Well now I will start to do more then that. I’m going to start posting about the games that get a big amount of fame and recognition before their release and point out flaws and problems with the games but what made the game still worth the money. I will continue to speak up for other games that get trashed. There will be future updates like this if possible and I will keep followers up-to-date with the updates.

Judgement Day

Gears of War Judgement has been a game in a famous franchise that people believe to be the worst of the series yet. The game it self has some different mechanics compared to all the other Gears but I believe it has more to offer then what other think. The game offers a whole new story with new weapons and new characters to work with as well. It gives you a glimpse of the gears classic characters Baird Damon and Augustus Cole past before the first gears. There’s a lot of reasons why this game is actually no where near a bad game. Fans just seem to not like the change they did for their favorite game.

First off the game has some amazing visuals. Going through all the gears and then playing this one should show how far they have gone to make it look better. The first 3 having a grimy look to it, this one has both a colorful but griming design to it to make the story still feel the same when it comes to war and death. The mechanics have been changed a bit but, it’s nothing anyone can’t handle. Went from hold 3 weapons with a grenade to holding 2 weapons and a grenade. It just makes the game more tactical instead of going out and shooting anything that moves. Along with characters and an amazing story to tell they really boosted up the game.

The game is fairly short but it also comes with a side campaign that takes place during Gears of War 3 and explains Baird other side of the story during a moment in gears 3. It has a mix of Gears 3 and judgement feel to it but shows how much difference are in between the games. The environments will always be close quarters but tend to change from time to time and the spawn mechanics for the A.I.s always change after death. The use of these new things called classify in the middle of campaign game play to make things more interesting as well makes it all worth it.

The game is still gears of war but with small twists here and there but other then that the game is one of the greatest gears of war games. I would highly recommend gears fans to try it out if anyone has doubted it. It is still pretty pricey for a 2013 game but honestly it will be worth it.

Click here if you want to learn a bit more about gears of war judgement and here if you want to check out game stops price.


What I Spend Money On

This is something I actually had in mind before I started but never actually posted. Besides spending money on phone bills and college I do spend my money on what I enjoy most like other people and that’s video games, and that’s what it’s going to be used on more often now for my site to keep going and so I can always bring in new ideas for everyone to read and enjoy. I even used my money on one of the worst games of 2011 *cough cough* Dukey

So money is not much of an option when it comes down to video games unless its a game I feel like it won’t ever get my attention. Which I will talk about soon on here. A game I haven’t tried but heard so much good about and waiting just about 5 years just to even consider getting. So i hope you readers out there enjoy it when it happens because I know a lot of you will.

To conclude this topic I like to thank “100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write” by Chris Brogan. If you have a blog and can’t come up with a first topic click here .


My Guest Post

So on this blog title Rails and Planers I made a post about my experience on surfing in New York City and how I learned about it. I talk about how cartoons made me think differently about surfing but now ever since I saw his page I now know that what i learned is just completely made up. So many things I never knew about surf boards until rails and planers popped up. Go ahead and check out my guest post here. While your there also look around on his page and check it out.

Image Post

Now this post isn’t entirely related to what my blog is actually about but I just want to throw something out there to the world. Something that I’m pretty sure nobody would ever say. E.T

This picture up there is my favorite picture of all time. This picture is off the old and original and first E.T the game. Why did I choose this? Well it shows a lot of history and how much hard work gaming industries had to go through just to make something that everyone or majority of the world to enjoy. E.T the game was told to be the worst of the worst games out there. So bad that they actually buried over thousands of copies of the game.

E.T buried

Now don’t get me wrong yes I can understand why people hated it. Have I ever played it? No, I haven’t but if I had that chance I will. These two image represent a set of games that deserved a chance to redeem themselves. So my reason to choose these was because even though the game was at the bottom of the list of all games, there were people who still liked the game enough to keep their copy of it. That shows that the game had some good in it. The first image is important so that I can remember what I’m doing this for. So I can speak out for the games of both great and not so great games and explain that there should never be a game title as “bad.”


Game Wars Review part 2


So in my last post I spoke about 
an old war between two games and now I’m going to talk about the other side of the war. Call of duty is an old francise since the PlayStation 2. It’s first game was Finest Hour and it was a successful one at that. Now i personally don’t play CoD as much as Halo but I have to admit, Call of Duty has it’s amazing moments as well. It aims to make the game feel as real as it can get and look real and it has a great job at doing that but I don’t know about “feeling” real. Since there are to different companies making the CoD series I will make this simple and short.

The CoD Modern Warfare series has an amazing way of telling a story from the perspective of different people and each of them having an effect to the story line. Weapons are very modern timed but graphics always look like thier being reused and never feels that different but it does look different. The Developers are Inifinity Ward and you can Click here to see which CoD games they created.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.56.52 AM

Then theres the Black Ops (BO) series but we are also going to include World at War (WaW) because it was what started the best thing to come to CoD and that is zombie mode. It was a unique add on to the series where you and three friends or strangers can work together and survive wave after wave or like in BO2 have 8 people but in opposite teams. Along with its multiplayer maps being different everytime and guns change but aren’t as good as the original WaW. Graphics actually have slight changes but are barely noticable. The developers are Treyarch and you can click here to see which CoDs game they created.

So thats my small review on both sides of the war. I love Halo but I also enjoy Call of Duty when I have my friends to play with. Give Halo (3, Reach or 4) a try along with CoD Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops. If you haven’t tried any of these games I would Recommend to give them a proper try and let me know what you think of them by placing your thoughts in the comments section.

Game Wars Review (part 1)


So I wanted to talk about something that has been going on since both of these games got famous. The war of which game is better Halo or Call Of Duty (COD). Now I’ve played both games but mostly Halo because I enjoy it more for a couple of personal reasons but that doesn’t mean I hate the other one. I honestly enjoy both equally because both have its flaws and have something better then the other.HVCNow lets get down to the point, Halo has some amazing stories compared the COD. From the Game to books and comics. It has amazing protagonists that are always left as a mystery with little no expression but you can still feel how the character feels through connection with them and that leaves players wanting more. It has great creativity from the weapons, levels and enemies with some inspiration of the two main species of “Alien Vs. Predator.”  H Elite Brute_Chieftain_Redhalo-4-arsenal




The Halo series always change sequel after sequel and you never see something similar except weapons and enemies most of the time. I would recommend people to try halo and actually give it a chance. Don’t worry if its not real enough because games aren’t suppose to be real. Its suppose to be as fictional as it can be because that’s a use of creativity. There will be a part 2 to this and I will talk about Call Of Duty. So follow my blog and stay up to date with this topic and see what I got to say about the next game.


Let me be honest, I didn’t start this blog because I wanted to but because I had to for my English Career Writing class. It started about 3 weeks before my spring break that I was in my class at 5:30 pm sitting in front of a computer using it to kill time till 6 pm. My profesor walks in  sets her things down and tells us we are going to create a blog. Now I admit I felt like this was going to be boring but I was wrong. We got to brainstorm our own blog topics and I thought about a title called “The Universe Of Gaming.” It was suppose to be based around everything of gaming from old to new.

The week after we had a circle discussion so that we talk about our own personal blog. When I explained mines, it was apperantly to vague. So I had to change mines a bit and I had about a few days to think of one. I spent most of my time playing games trying to think of something and realized that a good majority of the gaming community are always having a war with different fan bases. I can understand why but I just never really saw much of a point.CVHNow I personally like both and it made me question what makes both of these games good? So I chose to change my blog into “What Makes a Game Good?” Now I know theres more wars out there but that will just have to wait. So after the change in the title we had to create a 3 part blog series with an introduction to it. So I thought what would make a good way to start this off and if you seen my blog then you would know if not click here to see part one of it. After my first 3 post I felt a small relief because I got to share something with not just my friends but with people all over the internet.

Bad games or nit picking… (Guest post)

il_fullxfull.337200986What is making today’s video games be considered “bad?” Is it really the fact that the games themselves are not fun or don’t have a great user experience?  What I hear mostly these days are kids nit picking a pixelated graphic, or a mechanical error instead of enjoying the the game for what it is. I understand that with today’s advances in technology, we want everything to be as perfect as possible, but the fact of the matter is, if a game is fun there is no need for perfection.

Why are video games designed 25 years ago still fun to this day? I think that the basic elements that make games fun or exciting don’t change regardless of how many years have passed or how much technology has evolved. However, as games have gotten more and more complicated and sometimes lost sight of simple fun experiences, I think a game like this (featured above) feels even fresher. Video games that are fun are still fun no matter how much time passes.

Now, when young game designers make a game and they are “not fun,” they add a lot of new material (bells and whistles) to try and make it more visually exciting to no prevail. Instead, they should make the game more fun using what they have right in front of them, simplify and enjoy, not over complicate and complain.

If you are a fan of the Town & Country Surf Designs video game, come check out how the surfboard is actually designed at https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/railsandplaners/.