Question #2: blog post 3

The road, i believe in this novel represents life. The road is portrayed as life because not only can some say, “no” they are physically on the road traveling, yes that also is true, but life in a way is like a raod. As we go down this road we learn new things and meet new people along it. Our views and decisions are altered as the road continues. As he is on the road, Sal meets people such as Dean and Carlo Marx which impact him as a individual who is still trying to find himself, on the road of his life.

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  1. ms.bueno says:

    I agree, I do think the road can be interpreted as a way of life because by being on the road Sal sees many different things and does things he would have never done back home. Through this road Sal experiences different ways of living and sees how complicated it can be or get. The road that he is in sets him free from what he thinks his life should be, and lets him see others ways that he can choose to live.

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