Image Anime Brochure

For the RFP project we needed to create an invite for City Tech. The main goal of this project was to understand how to create an RFP and how it worked. When you send a job to a printer you send them your RFP as well which includes information of the job, such as quantity, quality of the paper, colors used, how you would like it to be delivered etc. It’s important to make sure that your file matches with your RFP.

After I did this project I was able to get a better understanding of what RFPs are and what they are used for. The importance of preflighting our files and to make sure our jobs match with the RFP. Before I did this project I had no clue what an RFP was, so doing this project was really good for me to learn.

This image anime brochure is another piece that I made aside from the City Tech invites.

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