Final Project

For my final project the theme is “Different Universes” this theme is basically the combination of spiderman and batman’s world together along with villains. What captured my attention into working on this specific theme? Simply it’s because I have always been fascinated by superheroes with spiderman and batman up on the list. In this project I used many tools, adjustments filters etc. There were things that I had trouble with such as color adjustment which has always been a problem to me even if I do get the colors right on one picture. Reason behind that is because every picture is different and they will react differently with the color adjustments you make. As a matter of fact, any adjustments you make will be different to different pictures. I did however came across that and made the pictures look better. Another problem is masking, which is also a very common problem especially on characters with hair, because in order to get a really clean layer mask going you will have to sit there for hours just trying to get those imperfections on the picture out. The biggest problem I have and always have had is composition. Such as how am I going to lay this picture out, how will the finished project look? Noting that this theme is based on superheroes the only pictures I can get are the ones that can be found online. So if i wanted batman in a certain pose my only luck would be online if not then too bad for me. This has always been a problem for me when it comes to putting all the images together because as I work on the project different ideas would come and I will change it up sometimes it turns out good, sometimes worse. My success from doing this final project is being able to use a lot of tools as well as thinking. Different filters and how they would work such as motion blur, clouds, lens flare, wind and a lot of different filters. Knowing that I have yet gained the knowledge to use them at their full potential, I have work to catch up on. As I look at this final project and reflect upon all the other ones I have done in the past I can say that in terms of using different tools this has to be the toughest one I have done. Before I never did adjustment layers at all. For this project it’s filled with adjustment layers. I can say that some images from this final project can be my best ones I have ever done in photoshop. On a final note I have learned a lot during the course of this class and I know there is still plenty of things for me to learn in photoshop because I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. It is a on going learning experience.

A Quite Road Arkham Asylum

Batman Vs Venom 1 Batman Vs Venom 2

Carnage's Appearance Gotham Square

Joker Venom Harley Joker's Fun House

Scarecrow's Nightmare Venoms Bridge

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