Nintendo Oral Report

The Oral Report was one of the harder projects that I have done, It was also one of the funnest. The goal of this project was to research on a company which I chose Nintendo and answer questions that were given to us, using the ebsco databases. The fun part about this project is that I can go and research on a company that I love. I grew up playing Nintendo games and it was a big part of my childhood. The hard part about this project is putting everything together. The financials were always a pain to get together and organize it. I had to do swop analysis, talking about the strength, weaknesses etc of the company. I had to look up history on the company, find their product specifications and compare it with it’s competitors. This project helped me a lot in researching and being more comfortable with the certain databases. Overall this was a really fun project to do which helped me improve on many of the required skills I will need, such as presenting in front of people, researching and organizing everything together.


nintendo games-02

Thompson Truong Oral Report Slides





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