Network Event Blog #2: Antonio Di Spigna

Antonio Di Spigna Script

Last week Thursday, I attended the networking event at the Grace Gallery of New York City College of Technology. The Grace Gallery was holding an event to show some work of Mr. Spigna and allow you the chance to talk to him and ask him questions. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get the chance to talk to him because there were many others trying to. Instead, I walked around to look at his work and talk to some students and professors on the side. I was able to find and talk to friends from previous classes. They introduced me to a few of their friends and we talked for a bit. After that I talked to a few professors, some from previous courses and some that I haven’t had the chance to meet yet. I was finally able to meet Davis and got the chance to talk a bit with him.

Script Type 2 of Antonio Di Spigna


I don’t really like script fonts because it is sometimes difficult to read it. I feel like the extra lines feel too decorative sometimes and distracts you from the type. But, it is different when I look at his script because most of the lines tend to curve back toward the text itself. Even if the extra lines draw your attention, if you follow the flow it brings you back to the center; the content and text. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at his work because it was so simple and elegant and relaxes me to look at something so beautiful.

Antonio Di Spigna Font


This work stood out a lot to me because most work in the Gallery was script except for 2 works, this being one of them. I really liked this font because it was simple and clean. I enjoy seeing the previous drafts he put up with it because it gives us an understanding of the process of creating a font from scratch.

Overall, this networking event was really relaxing and enjoyable. I was able to talk to old classmates and professors and also able to meet new friends and professors I haven’t had before. The work was really beautiful, elegant, and simple and it was worth coming to attend.

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