App Review #2: Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook Icon of App


Autodesk Sketchbook app is by far my favorite drawing app. Sketchbook has many great tools that can be used and options that are available for drawing. Sketchbook offers many drawing tools to be used for sketching and coloring.

One thing that I instantly noticed was that Sketchbook has layer functions. Not only that, the layers also has layer options such as multiply, opacity, blending, and also merge. The layers tool box on side also has a drag and drop function to easily delete layers that you don’t want.

Sketchbook has a somewhat decent color swatch available and has a color wheel to choose color from. The color wheel has the HSL options and uses RGB color.

The drawing tools has a large variety ranging from pencil to marker to brushes.Sketchbook offers over 25 tools for drawing and coloring. Each tool has their own unique texture and settings to change the color, size, hardness, and for brushes a wetness option. As well as charcoal tools, where they have special settings like flow, blend, persistence, and dilution. Also sketchbook has a redo function which you can go back to a previous state if you accidentally draw or color over something.

Sketchbook also has some image editing tools as well like rotation and also an importing option where you can import images to edit or draw over.

Overall, Sketchbook is a great app for both simple drawings or professional drawings because of the layer functions, image editing tools, and as well as a large variety of tools to use for your art.

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