Internship Journal #8: Collaborative Project

Credit Screenshot for animation

Throughout my internship, I primarily worked on 2 animation videos. For the 2 animations, I primarily worked by myself; I worked on all the story boarding, animation, audio editing, and graphic images. However, throughout the animation process my mentor, Lyle would give me a script to work off of as well as give me feedback on animations. Lyle would check my animation progress and decide whether I have perfected the scene’s audio syncing and animations before moving onto the next scene. If he doesn’t give his confirmation on moving on, he would give me feedback and changes to do before moving on. Lyle also supplies me with the audio of the characters to edit for the video. Lyle was the voice of 2/3 of characters in both animations, but I have edited the voice to sound different for each animation. Another person that I can consider to be a “collaborator” would be Jane who was the voice of a female character in one of the animations. However, I wasn’t physically there when they do the recordings; I just get sent the audio recording to clip and edit for animation usages.

For communication, I only need to communicate with Lyle for changes. Jane is another intern but I don’t communicate with her because Lyle is in charge of the voice recordings. Lyle is more experienced and more familiar with the ideal emphasizes of words in the script since he wrote it. Most of the communication is in person, when I go to the office to work we usually do meetings to watch the animations and talk about parts that require fixing and changes. When I work remote, I would email and text Lyle about the changes I made and to send files to him to review.

The collaboration was successful because Lyle was the director of the project. He was able to supply me with files that I need to finish the animation such as audio recordings and feed backs. The only thing that wasn’t successful was that I wasn’t able to work with other animators because I was the only animator in the internship. I wanted another animator to work with me to help speed up the process as well as give me on the spot feed backs because Lyle wasn’t available all the time, he has to do work as well.

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