Internship Journal #4: What I Learn #1 Role


One thing I have learned about the industry while working is that you won’t be staying as one position. I was told that in the industry, I won’t always be doing illustration at first. That is because I am limiting myself and I won’t be able to find a job that easily unless I have a strong portfolio for it and/or a lot of experience. Even if i were to get a job as an illustrator, there will be times where they will send me to help someone and it might not be illustration related; it could be helping them with type or something else. It’s even possible that I won’t even be helping someone Graphic Design related, I could even be sent to help someone to video editing and post editing. This being said, Lyle has been giving me small jobs of each field to help me get some type of experience and familiarity to it. For example, I am working on a short promotional video for our app. I have to do some audio editing where I have to cut audio files and change their properties to insert them into our animation clip. During this process, I have got a bit familiar to Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition for audio/video editing.

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