Internship Journal #9: Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation Image

For my self evaluation, I will evaluate myself during my first animation project. For my first animation, I had to do storyboards before doing digital animations. I would draw storyboards based on the script that Lyle supplied me with. My first storyboard drafts were drawn really rough that Lyle couldn’t understand my illustrations. This was really bad because it left an impression that I was someone who does things really unorganized and that my work was mediocre. Afterwards, I took a little bit more time to make my storyboards more refined and also wrote down a description underneath the illustration so that Lyle could get a better understanding of the illustrations as well as my thought process. Another issue that I faced was not knowing how to edit audio and software for audio editing. When Lyle gave me the voice recording for the character, he told me to clip the parts I need for animation as well as edit the voice to match the previous animations of the same character. I didn’t know how to do it and had to take time to learn Adobe Audition for audio editing which lead to the animation to be done a bit past the original deadline. Due to my lack of experience, I couldn’t finish the animation by the deadline which is really bad especially in Graphic Design since time management and finish projects before deadlines is crucial. However, instead of avoiding my lack of knowledge, I took the initiative to learn something new to help me with my job.

Overall, I did rough work for my first animation because I wasn’t familiar with the work process and lacked experience. I drew storyboards too rough and messy that it was not clear and my lack of knowledge caused me to miss the deadlines. However, I was able to learn new skills and get familiar with new software necessary for my projects. By learning these software early, I was able to meet the deadline for my next animation. I learned from my early mistakes and change so that I can do a better job for future projects.

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