What about Bachelor degree students?

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So as some of you may already know, Obama announced a couple of months ago, that community colleges will be free. Now this got me thinking…what about us in four year programs?

Now I’m not saying we should have free tuition, since I know that would be way to costly. But can we have at least something, President Obama? While community colleges are no longer having to pay tuition, ours seems to just be going up…and up some more!

Where’s our break? Where’s our prize? Four years is a very long time, and a lot of us are struggling to pay our tuition. I mean, yes I’ll be graduating next year, but still, I would consider it a going away present if I have my
tuition lowered, or slashed in half, Mr President. (P.S. I voted for you ☺)

Am I alone in this? Am I just being greedy here? Maybe I am, but in the end I believe we deserve something for how long we have been in school.

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3 thoughts on “What about Bachelor degree students?

  1. Shawn, I completely agree with you especially since we are expanding our education to a four year program we should be at least slightly rewarded for our achievements as those in the community colleges.

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