“Our City, Our Club”

Ladies and gentlemen, New Yorkers from all boroughs, with much excitement and gratitude, I am happy to announce that there is a new team in New York City. New York City Football Club (NYCFC), is the latest addition to New York’s  professional sport teams and the Major League Soccer (MLS). Although they have been officially announced on May 21, 2013; last Sunday at the iconic Yankee Stadium on March 15, they played their very ever home game. There were a massive turnout of  43,507 supporters taking part at the “Historic Home Opener” who were sent home very excited celebrating a 2-0 win against New England Revolution, the opponent from Boston.

I took part in this amazing experience and I must say attending the first game was arguably one of the best experiences of my life. Football or soccer as others call it in the U.S, is the most popular sport in the world and my passion since I was a child. I am a dedicated follower of FC Barcelona –a team based in Barcelona, Spain– however the second I heard the news of a soccer team coming to New York City, I quickly adopted them as part of my own and founded out ways to get involve with the team. I got involved with The Third Rail which is a group of fans from NYC and the world who unites together to proudly support NYCFC. The soccer culture is really growing in NYC, thus I really encourage all of you, New Yorkers to come to Yankee Stadium and support this great of team of ours.

NYCFC surely have passionate fans, who were cheering them throughout the all game, the atmosphere was just electric. I captured some of the best  moments of the “Historic Home Opener” and each of those unique moments are filled with quotes that are chants sung by The Third Rail members including me during the game.

NYC! NYC! We are NYCFC! From the Bronx all the way down to the Battery We are NYCFC! – Third Rail

Yankee StadiumYankee Stadium


“When you were born, you made my life so wonderful. I can’t say no. Oh the feeling was magical. You inked your name on to my heart. Right from the start. A call to arms. Stand together and fight as one.” – Third Rail

a crowd at a stadiumYankee Stadium


“Win or lose. We will always follow you. Let it rain, let it pour. We will sing forevermore. Our opponents know. We will fight them toe to toe. Forever blue and white. We will win this game tonight!” – Third Rail

a crowd at a stadiumYankee Stadium


New York, Oh New York, Oh City said I. I’ll stand here in the bleachers, until the day I die. Take me to the Bronx, that’s where I want to be. Because I follow New York, New York City! – Third Rail

a crowd at a stadiumYankee Stadium



6 thoughts on ““Our City, Our Club”

    • Yeah it’s really awesome! The team put up a great show, and they have great players like David Villa (if you know who he is). So now that you know, come to the stadium to support NYCFC!

    • Great! But this isn’t citytech soccer team. NYCFC is a professional soccer team in New York City that plays in the MLS, just like New York Knicks plays in the NBA.

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