Listening to the Struggles of Others

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‚ÄúWhen I¬†was growing up¬†as the¬†only child,¬†I’ve¬†experienced people leaving me at the age¬†of 7. Through experiencing¬†many hardships growing up, getting picked on and people backstabbing me, it has taught me many life lessons and how people end up changing under certain¬†circumstances. Learning people’s true colors after seeing them go through hot water changed my perspective.

Throughout my hardships and rough patches, it showed¬†me how I can relate to so many people.¬†I¬†am able to give many life lessons and advice because I¬†been through so many harsh circumstances.¬†Life lessons eventually became my wisdom. Through advising other people who are going through many things, I¬†try to warn them of what to do and not to do because it’s just horrible to repeat someone else’s mistake. Making a mistake twice is a decision.¬†I’ve¬†had couples come to me for advice, and many other type of people,¬†but sometimes advising is not enough because people would prefer to experience the hardship and learn it the hard way.

Most of all people just need someone to listen to them whenever they mention their struggles, because we’re all struggling in many ways. Some of us are good at hiding our struggles. To listen to someone, you don’t listen to reply, but you listen to actually listen to them.‚ÄĚ

Name: A. U. W.
Age: N/A
Major: Law and Paralegal Studies


4 thoughts on “Listening to the Struggles of Others

  1. Love this! I’m glad you used your hard battles in life to guide others. Some people aren’t as strong as you and end up being just as bad as those whom hurt them.

  2. Some of the happiest people are those who are struggling the most but their happiness motivates them to face each day with a better attitude to strive through their struggles in order to reach a triumph. I agree how sometimes we just need someone to listen to our struggles and don’t need them to reply but just to know someone cares enough to be there and listen.

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