Snow Days In NYC Parks

New York City is bombarded with public parks in all of it’s corners, they are the place where New Yorkers come to relax and refresh their souls. Arguably, one of the best moments to go a park is during a snow day or after snowfall. It is truly a wondrous experience that will brighten your day. The vast white blanket that covers the parks gives it a much more glamorous look. Everyone is encouraged to go to NYC parks during and after snowfall, you will find the experience exhilarating.


It is only those who seeks for the positives in life, will know where and how to find necessary elements to refresh their souls.

Snowy ShadowsPhoto taken at Gantry Park Plaza


It is only after the snow storm places that considered to look average, becomes one of the most splendid wonders of winter.

snowy benchesPhoto taken at Lawrence Street


It’s a privilege to take cover under the white blanket; wherever snow takes over, it makes it much more fantastic than the way it was before.

a Snowy ParkPhoto taken at Whitman Park


Beautiful isn’t it? One could only witnessed this magical and unique moment, only when the snow and light decides to combine to form a bewitching reflection.

Pink SnowPhoto taken at Gantry Park Plaza






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