Lets All Create Our Own ‘Pot’ of Gold

Growing up, I’ve met numerous people whom are such great artist. Whether it’s drawing, painting or even sculpting. As a kid, I always wished I had that talent, to be able to pick up a pencil and just create a picture with so much detail, but always ended up with stick figures. Now, as an adult, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not talented in that specific subject and by accepting this, I’ve grown to love other people’s artwork even more.

As any human being, although I accepted the fact that I’m not artistic I still try here and there. Last Tuesday, I took part in a pottery class down in the Manhattan Youth Center in Downtown Manhattan. It was a two hour and thirty minute session and there I learned how to form clay objects such as bowls, plates etc. I even had the opportunity to create a vase on the pottery wheel!

a pair of hands throwing a clay pot                                a finished piece of pottery

Image by: Eileen Conner                                             Image by: Lisa Hudson

This was such a great experience for me because I got to learn a lot about how to form the clay into different objects and I also learned about perfection. I say perfection because if there is a dent in the clay, once you’re finished forming your object and it is glazed, your object will permanently have that dent. Below is a picture of the bowl I created with the clay. In about two-three weeks it will be glazed and I will be able to share with you guys the results of it. I can’t wait!

                                a finished piece of pottery

But as always, I recommend all of you to go, especially those who aren’t artist. The instructor is very patient with you and is willing to help every step of the way which is always great! It is a fun activity that you don’t have to do much thinking and in the end, could also be a stress reliever for many of you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s all go show off our ‘artistic’ side.


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  1. Great your design is very nice. Back in high school I was in that after school program where I had to create sculptures with clay, although I wasn’t that good at it, it was still a fun experience.

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