My Top 10 Favorite Foods

Every foodie has their favorite places to eat and foods to eat. I’ve already covered where I like to eat in this blog post. Now, I would like to share with you my 10 favorite foods that I love to eat the most. Enjoy!

eggs Benedict with fries and salad1. I’ve never thought I would be a fan of Eggs Benedict until a few years ago. Some people don’t like runny yolks, but I actually like it and don’t mind. Eggs Benedict is my choice of brunch when I am out for brunch with my friends or boyfriend. I think Eggs Benedict are the best when the Hollandaise sauce has a lemony taste to it and they are runny.

a dish of dumplings

2. Dumplings are probably one of my favorite foods growing up and not because it’s a popular Asian food, but sometimes it’s just more pleasant to eat than your regular rice and noodles. I especially love the pan-fried dumplings my boyfriend and I make, fold, and cook together. I like my dumplings both pan-fried and boiled and I also like they come in different flavors.

a dish of food

3. One of my favorite dishes that my mom makes best is braised pig feet with bean curd stick with mung bean sauce. This particular dish is made mostly on Chinese holidays and I always look forward to eating it because it is really delicious and has a bit of sweetness to it from the mung bean sauce.

fried calamari with dipping sauces

4. I’ve always had a thing for fried calamari ever since I was high school. However, good fried calamari is hard to come by at times. I’ve tried a lot of fried calamari and they always seem to be bland, tasteless, and overcooked. Good fried calamari should be hot, crunchy, and cooked just right.

a dish of noodles

5. Pad Thai is not only one of the more popular Thai dishes, but it is one of my favorite Thai dishes that I enjoy very much. I like that you can add any protein you want in it and/or have a vegetable one if you like. I like it not too sweet and with a little tanginess to it.

a scoop of ice cream

6. Ice cream is one my weaknesses, but also my favorite dessert. I sure have had a lot of ice cream this summer and so far my favorite flavors are: pumpkin, French vanilla, earl grey, almond, and cookies n’ creme.

cooked food

7. I think it’s pretty apparent that I love ramen. I mostly eat it hot because it’s just a nice comforting food to have especially on chilly days like tonight or in the Winter. I really enjoy the different types of broth and style of noodles that are available. I haven’t had ramen in a few months, so I definitely need to have a bowl soon!


8. Another one of my favorite desserts is anything that incorporates with fruits and grass jelly. Grass jelly is a jelly-like dessert found in China. The jelly can be cut into cubes or other forms and then mixed with syrup to produce a drink and dessert and it is thought to have cooling properties especially during hot weather.

a food dish

9. Rice cakes with preserved mustard and shredded pork is a popular Shanghainese dish and also one of my favorite dishes to order at a Shanghainese restaurant. The rice cakes are a little chewy and gummy texture and the preserved mustard is usually served fresh and has a crunchy texture to it. It’s quite a savory dish!

a food dish

10. Last, but not least one of my favorite Chinese dishes is clams with black bean sauce. I love eating Italian style clams too, but I enjoy eating clams with black bean sauce a lot more and it’s quite tasty too.

What are you favorite foods to eat?


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