Destined for Greatness

a card that says "We are all destined for greatness"

“The people we meet, decisions we make, and events in our life are not random occurrences. It is the hand of destiny guiding our faith. I don’t want to become a doctor to simply “help people”. I want to be a doctor for the poor and disenfranchised because my destiny is somehow intertwined with theirs. I don’t fully know how yet but, everyday I am guided closer to understanding and continue to work hard because I can’t sit idly by while my dreams and aspirations are in the balance. More importantly we all have a role to play in the game of life and if our faith are dependent on each other then I refuse to be the reason we don’t succeed in what ever endeavors lie ahead of us.”

Name: A. W.
Age: 22
Major: Applied Mathematics

5 thoughts on “Destined for Greatness

  1. Yes this is the type of attitude we should all have. I believe people should choose career parts that they are passionate about and not because it makes more money or what the others are doing.

  2. I totally agree with the first sentence! I always live by the quote “Everything happens for a reason” because I do truley belive there is a meaning for everything that happens. Whether its something that will benefit us or simplely a learning experience.

  3. I believe it. Everyone in the world is connected somehow through someone or several connections. Yes @amanda-marmol95 every thing does happen for a reason, even if you don’t realize it.

    @empressk I wish i started with graphic design or entertainment tech. I feel i was pushed into my first education path for what it may bring rather then following my heart. and look, I’m right where i wanted to be in the first place

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