Long Exposure

Happy Tuesday guys!! I have one question for you. Has anyone heard of the term “Long Exposure?” For those who are not sure, I will give you a quick description. I promise not to bore you. Long exposure occurs when the shutter stays open for a certain amount of time. It freezes moments in an image. If there’s a person in the image, they can appear transparent or blurry. However this must be done using a tripod.

Below my pictures will reflect just that. Feel free to ask any questions.

exploding lights

Life has many outcomes. But it first starts at the center of our hearts. The outcome varies per person. But the end result is a lesson.- Kwillie.  Freedom Tunnel Manhattan, NY 7:09pm.


a city skyline reflected on the water

“Risky takers stay close to the edge. But guess what?! They are the ones that succeed. Their journey never ends.” -Kwillie.  Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn, NY 6:17pm.



a person standing in front of graffiti

Transparency is removing the mask and revealing who you really are; it is getting beyond the surfave to what isreally going on in your heart.- Kevin Martineau.  Freedom Tunnel Manhattan, NY 7:15pm.



a colorful sunset on the water, by a city skyline

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Unknown.  Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn, NY 5:52pm.


5 thoughts on “Long Exposure

  1. Well done great pictures! I really love the first one. I wonder how did you get this shot, what was that bright sparkling circle? Lol. Is there a specific kind of camera that is better at taking take long exposures?

  2. Thanks alot. Lol it’s called steel wool. All you need is a whisk to place the steel wool inside of it, a rope or dog chain and a lighter to light the steel wool. Then you would spin it in a circular motion. My friend spinned around in a circle to give it an orbit shape. Any camera can do the trick or a smartphone (with long exposure app) long as the shutter can stay open for 30secs or longer.

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