Virtues from Motherhood: A Full Time Life

Everyone in life has goals, dreams or aspirations of what they aim to achieve in life. People make plans and timelines to accomplish these things with the hope that they won’t be derailed or rerouted along the way. Reality however tells us that isn’t how things work and my life is testament to it. At 18 years old, in my very first semester of college I found out that I was pregnant. That was one of the most emotional days of my life; fear, anxiety, excitement and confusion overwhelmed me. How could I raise a baby? Would I be a good mom? What would happen to my goals and plans for myself?

Ultimately I decided to have the baby, a little girl I named Ava. After weighing my options and listening to the opinions and advice of my close friends and family I decided that I made an adult choice and I would just arrange my life goals around raising a daughter. To my surprise that was far easier said than done and I found myself overwhelmed with a newborn and a full time college schedule. I dropped out of John Jay College when Ava was 9 months old and didn’t return to college until 2013. Dropping out of college was a difficult and defeating choice for me and I felt lost and unmotivated after. I felt like I’d failed myself and my family and most of all Ava. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be someone she looked up to or admired and that she’d feel I was a quitter. So at 23 I rolled my sleeves up and went back to college, albeit no easy task while working full time but I was determined to finish what I’d started.

In June of 2015 at 25 years old I finally earned a college degree, an Associates in Business Administration. I didn’t have plans to go on for my bachelors but my advisor and English professor encouraged me to keep going and recognize my own potential. I am so glad I continued onto City Tech because in one semester I have met such amazing people and made life long friends. I have met professors who believe in and encourage me and make me feel that my goals are possible.

That is why I am writing this blog I want other moms or even other parents who are working and going to school while raising a child that this is possible and you can do it. I want anyone who’s been told to give up, go home or quit to read my experiences and feel inspired or reach out for support. My high school guidance counselor told me that I would never get any type of college degree being a teen mom that I should forget college and go find a full time job. Not only was she insanely unprofessional, she was wrong because I earned my degree and I’m working on a second. So whoever you are, whatever you’re doing know that it is possible and you will succeed because we all have the power inside of us to do so despite the struggles that we have endured. Remember the word impossible itself says “I’m possible”.

Comment Below and share your story. Have you ever faced adversity and triumphed? Are you a parent in school? Share your story I’d love to hear and get to know my followers!

14 thoughts on “Virtues from Motherhood: A Full Time Life

  1. “I’m possible.” I like that quote! Anyone can relate to it since we all go through those moments of wanting to give up. But it seems like there’s always that something that pushes us forward to become a better person at the end. 🙂

    Congratulations on getting a college degree! You go girl.

  2. Thanks Mandy! Getting that degree was one of the proudest moments of my life so far. That quote actually came from a Professor at my last College who encouraged me to never stop investing in myself!

  3. I love your blog. I am so very proud of you. I a 59 year old successful professional has built my world with minamal college education. If you believe and can dream, you will achieve. You have gone further than I and you will soar higher than an eagle. Ave is lucky to have you as a role model and you are blessed to have Ava as a daughter of encouragement. God bless you both.

  4. I loved reading your blog it’s so powerful! It makes us realize that everything is achievable if we believe in ourselves, surrounds ourselves with positive people and fight against all odds. You are continued efforts will pay off in the long road to whatever you want to achieve in life.

  5. Samantha you are amazing and you are such a encouragement to other people going through the same situation. I too have had a struggle and when the odds seem against you, you have to just go stronger and not give up. You are so good and it will all pay off in the end.

    • Pam you’re just as inspirational as I am ! You’ve achieved so much and I’m sure your kids are so proud of you. They’re lucky to have such a smart and driven mother. Your kind words made my day :)!

  6. Very well written, Samantha, I am so proud if you, for all you have accomplished and no doubt will continue to so. Ava has a lot to look up to in you, and I know she will be a success at whatever she chooses to do with her life. You and others like you continue to prove that nothing is impossible if you want something bad enough. I am most happy about that, that you never accepted defeat and quit.

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