Class 2 Notes

Open Lab setup and navigation

To Begin we log in to the open lab.

Find The Tech direction course by hitting the search magnifiying glass and in the two search field type direction and where it says people choose courses in the drop down menu. Tech direction should be the top choice.

After clicking link click join. Done!

The Help tab on the top ribbon also gives you many instructions to help you get started

Next we went over the importance of creating and using our eportfolios on our openLab accounts

!. To track our work which will be combined and handed in on the final day

2. Show what you learned

Our Goals for the day in class

  1. Everyone have an open lab
  2. join course
  3. each group to have a plan of attack for next weeks presentation

We also went over the need for working with problem worksheets  “problem worksheet”

  1. help with taking notes
  2. That this action helps to “jog” the memory and turn the short term information into long term
  3. Can help to identify hidden issues and concerns

A side note for those who are entering their notes for the day and for whatever reason need to leave and save as a draft, this will get you back to that draft

When you want to go back:

  1. Sign into your OpenLab
  2. click on the “My Openlab” Tab and in the drop down menu click “my courses”
  3. Next click on our course which is “Technical Direction ENT 4410
  4. Next click on “dash board” on the right side
  5. On this page there should be an area that says “At a Glance” click posts under that
  6. On this page you should have all your drafts
  7. scroll over your wanted draft and click to choose or after scrolling over it and click “Edit”. either should bring you back to you draft.
  8. Continue your post with ease of mind.
  9. Click the “Update” button on the right side under Publish when ever you are done or need to leave again


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