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Humument Reflection

I really enjoyed this finally project. I thought it was cool how it combined both our English and design classes into one product. The fact that we were allowed to use one of our favorite texts made the writing aspect easier. Though my initial draft for the writing heavily played off the themes of the original work I decided that I wouldn’t just use an idea that was already there but express my own feelings and beliefs. I think the poem flows nicely and is very emotionally deep and somewhat inspirational; at least that’s what I was going for anyway. I believe that also succeeded on the visual side of the project. Though I did end up not exactly following my initial color palette I was able to bring the colors together and form a sort of harmonious balance. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I finished coloring my humument and found that it made a picture witch totally was not my initial intent but I will gladly take credit for it. I spent most of my time working on the writing part in class figuring out what words I would use and getting opinions on how the poem sounded. I worked on the visual aspects at home thinking of what I would do in all the negative space and figure out how to make my design compliment my other work. All in all this was one of my favorite projects and I might just do one on my own for fun.

Gallery Catalogue

This humument created by Tevin Dacosta is called “Out of the Dark”. The passage used is from the novel “John Dies at the End” by David Wong. The medium used is marker(s) on regular computer paper. The piece displays has a great sense of visual hierarchy. Your eyes follow from the red sky in the background to the black mountains in the mid-ground and finally the blue water in the foreground. The line that goes from the beginning to the end of the piece not only depicts the flow of the humument but also how your eyes should move down the piece. Although the  colors used (red,black and blue) are not exactly split complementary nor analogous do provide a somewhat harmonious feeling and work well together in this piece.

The point or the message of this piece is that even though there are times in life where we struggle and find ourselves in at our lowest point there is always a way out of those points.The message that the original passage conveys is more of a dark and negative tone. It was the artists intention to take the original sad and depressing message of the passage and then turn it into something more uplifting and encouraging.

” It was like this violent dance had taken me again”.There are many things in this world that can cause you to lose your cool. Sometimes there’s pressure coming in from work, society even people you trust like friends and family. With all these sources of pressure it’s a wonder how everyone isn’t totally on edge all the time. It’s understandable to get swept up in emotions especially strong ones like hate and anger. These are all part of who we are there’s no shame in expressing them but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by them and let them control how you live your life.

“Each time met with faces waiting for me so I’d push outside the cold dark eye “. It’s important that to remember that when we are at our lowest that there are always people there for you. When your’e feeling angry at the world or like you have nothing left to lose you should always have somebody there to help pick you up. Whether it be family or friends there’s always people who are looking out for you and they will always be there everytime you need them.

“Who can only watch as kids wonder with laughter smirks and all”. It’s important to make sure that you don’t get blinded by your emotions. You focus on things like hate, revenge or jealousy and you’ll miss out on everything that’s important. Also when you find yourself in one foul mood it’d possible to look back on happier memories such as ones from your childhood.

This piece has so much to offer. It combines both the visual and poetic aspects that humuments are known for. Visually it flows well. Has a very defined visual hierarchy. It also uses a color palette that is simple and works in a way that is harmonious. The message this work conveys is also powerful. It acknowledges how base people are and how easily we can get swept up in our emotions. It also encourages us to look to or depend on others to help when we are at our lowest and need help the most. To summarize it says that when you find yourself swept up in your emotions just remember that there people there for you ready to share more good times and happy memories. In his piece the artist has truly captured the meaning of the word humument

Gallery Note

Artist: Tevin Dacosta

Name: “Out of the Dark”

The original source is from the novel John dies at the end by David Wong. This piece is meant to represent the struggle to find happiness. sometimes it’s easy to give into anger or despair brought in by the world. It’s during these low points where we must look to others.

Eng1101 project #2 draft

I live in New York one of the greatest cities in the world. We have Broadway, the Empire State building, Madison Square Garden and much more. I love the city a lot but sometimes you want a break from the crowded subways, buses and sidewalks. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere sit down and relax for a while and when I feel like that I go to the park.  In “City Limits” Coleson Whitehead talks about how everyone has their own personal New York and I think that parks should be part of everyone’s personal New York.

Almost every neighborhood has a park. A place where you can go with your friends to play basketball or hand ball or to just hang out. When I go to the park I go to the park I like go for a jog or just lay out on the grass. I like the little slice of nature inside our concrete jungle. On my walk near City Tech I went to two parks: Columbus park which I walk past every day and Metro Tech center a little outdoor plaza that you wouldn’t consider a park in the traditional sense.

Eng1101 project #2 location

Project #2 location

The location for this project that I chose was the metro tech center. I know it's not to far from city tech but I just instantly felt interested in it. Some of the things I saw were obviously a lot of people just walking around and hanging out. I could smell a lot food places like five guys or coffee from Starbucks. There were a lot of benches and also there were these like lawn chairs set out on a gravel like lawn. Like normally in a park where you would expect grass they just had like a lot of little bits of rock.

As I sat down in a chair on the rocky lawn I begun doing America's second favorite past time: people watching. I saw a lot of joggers and people walking dogs. Some people were with there kids who jumping and playing on statues. I saw some other students from other near by schools just hanging out talking about what they were gonna do later. There were also a lot of pigeons but that's to be expected.

What I realized was that the shopping center felt more like a park to me some place you could just go and relax. I visited it again later in the day and saw all the same stuff I guess it's a very popular area. I could definitely see myself going back to hang out there again.