Eng1101 project #2 location

Project #2 location

The location for this project that I chose was the metro tech center. I know it's not to far from city tech but I just instantly felt interested in it. Some of the things I saw were obviously a lot of people just walking around and hanging out. I could smell a lot food places like five guys or coffee from Starbucks. There were a lot of benches and also there were these like lawn chairs set out on a gravel like lawn. Like normally in a park where you would expect grass they just had like a lot of little bits of rock.

As I sat down in a chair on the rocky lawn I begun doing America's second favorite past time: people watching. I saw a lot of joggers and people walking dogs. Some people were with there kids who jumping and playing on statues. I saw some other students from other near by schools just hanging out talking about what they were gonna do later. There were also a lot of pigeons but that's to be expected.

What I realized was that the shopping center felt more like a park to me some place you could just go and relax. I visited it again later in the day and saw all the same stuff I guess it's a very popular area. I could definitely see myself going back to hang out there again.

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