Humument Reflection

I really enjoyed this finally project. I thought it was cool how it combined both our English and design classes into one product. The fact that we were allowed to use one of our favorite texts made the writing aspect easier. Though my initial draft for the writing heavily played off the themes of the original work I decided that I wouldn’t just use an idea that was already there but express my own feelings and beliefs. I think the poem flows nicely and is very emotionally deep and somewhat inspirational; at least that’s what I was going for anyway. I believe that also succeeded on the visual side of the project. Though I did end up not exactly following my initial color palette I was able to bring the colors together and form a sort of harmonious balance. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I finished coloring my humument and found that it made a picture witch totally was not my initial intent but I will gladly take credit for it. I spent most of my time working on the writing part in class figuring out what words I would use and getting opinions on how the poem sounded. I worked on the visual aspects at home thinking of what I would do in all the negative space and figure out how to make my design compliment my other work. All in all this was one of my favorite projects and I might just do one on my own for fun.

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