Eng1101 project #2 draft

I live in New York one of the greatest cities in the world. We have Broadway, the Empire State building, Madison Square Garden and much more. I love the city a lot but sometimes you want a break from the crowded subways, buses and sidewalks. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere sit down and relax for a while and when I feel like that I go to the park.  In “City Limits” Coleson Whitehead talks about how everyone has their own personal New York and I think that parks should be part of everyone’s personal New York.

Almost every neighborhood has a park. A place where you can go with your friends to play basketball or hand ball or to just hang out. When I go to the park I go to the park I like go for a jog or just lay out on the grass. I like the little slice of nature inside our concrete jungle. On my walk near City Tech I went to two parks: Columbus park which I walk past every day and Metro Tech center a little outdoor plaza that you wouldn’t consider a park in the traditional sense.

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