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Eng 1101 Project #2: reflection

For this project we had to take a fifteen minute walk around city tech. Once we found areas that were interesting we recorded all the thing we saw, heard, smell our overall experience there. Then think about Colson Whitehead and his ideas about overlapping New Yorks. Figure out the two New Yorks you would want to compare: Natural vs. Man made, Old vs. New, Under construction vs. Newly constructed ….etc.  Then in the essay compare and contrast the two New Yorks and make a reference back to Whitehead and the reading done in class.

This project was a good chance to get a lay of the land around City Tech and get used to the area. It was also a chance to think about how we see New York and how we experience it as compared to someone else’s. What I learned about myself as a writer was that I don’t really go to much into detail and in this project detail is very necessary especially if you want to make the word count. I did like the fact the walking around aspect of this project. It’s definitely different from any English essay I’ve done before.

ADV1100 Project #1: Reflection

This project was a mix of both easy and hard. The thumbnails both inked and not inked were pretty easy to make. Although measuring out the frames for the inked thumbnails was a pain. Overall I think the final product came out pretty well. I spent a lot of time trying to make sure i cut the edges as straight and as neatly as possible. My classmates didn’t have a lot of criticism during the critique which is a shame. I feed off constructive criticism if you think I could do something better you should tell me I appreciate the help.


12 thumbnails: 30 min

6 inked thumbnails: 1:30 min

Final project: 2:45 min

Total time sent: 4:45 min