• In order to quickly update your knowledge of the current capabilities of Solidworks, please view this video:

Solidworks 2018

  • A more detailed description of Solidworks’ Simulation feature can be viewed here:

Solidworks Simulation Data Sheet

  • Our first exercise will be using Solidworks Simulation.  A more detailed video that displays Solidworks Simulation’s capabilities can be viewed here:

Solidworks Simulation Video

  • Before using Solidworks Vibration Analysis, you should review the theory in order to understand what the software is actually doing for you, as shown here:

Vibration Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis in Solidworks

  • An example of what the automatic generated reports look like is shown here:

Solidworks Simulation Xpress Report

  • Tutorials on SimulationXpress are given here:

  • How to use Flow Simulations can be seen here:



  • Tutorials on how to use Solidworks FloXpress can be seen here:


  • A tutorial on FlowExpress, using the Heat Transfer option can be seen here:



  • Sustainability Resources:

  • Costing Resources:


  • Additional Videos on Advanced Solidworks capabilities can be seen here: