• We will be using MATLAB throughout roughly half of the course.  If you haven’t already been exposed to MATLAB prior to this course, please view the following link for an elementary introduction to the software:

Matlab Intro

  • Another Step by Step Interactive Guide to Learning Basic MATLAB exercises is at the following link:

  • The following link explains the need for a deeper understanding of MATLAB in the engineering field:

  • An Interactive Guide for Learning Complex MATLAB exercises is at the following link:

  • An example of how to create a MORE complex system using MATLAB can be seen by clicking on the following links:


Changing Surface Properties

Visualizing Volume Data

  • For an example of how to use Confidence Interval Approach with MATLAB, go to the following link:

  • For the purposes of actual Control Systems, we will be using Simulink.  Simulink is a feature of MATLAB.
  • For an example of Simulink output analysis, go to the following links:


  • Multiple I/O Simulink Example:

  • “Complex” Control Systems:

  • Additional Manufacturing System Examples can be found at the following links:




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