Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

MECH 3550 Simulation and Visualization


Daniel Swanson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Course Description:

Introduce students to important aspects of a simulation study, and use of computer tools to visualize simulation model.  Topics include simulation basics, planning, data collection and analysis, model building, model verification and validation, output analysis, experimental design, visualization technique.

3 course credits, 2 class hours, and 2 lab hours


MAT 1475

Course Objectives:

  1. Students apply knowledge of mechanical engineering, physics, and mathematics to the simulation and visualization of systems in the field of manufacturing, fluid mechanics, vibration, and control.
  2. Students will work in teams to generate computing models using simulation and visualization software and conduct analysis on these models.
  3. Students will develop skills in using visualization tools to verify design intent. Students will demonstrate skills in validating and refining simulation models to achieve desired outcome.
Course addresses ABET student outcomes:  3a, 3b, 3c, 3e, 3k, and PC-1




-50% Lab Projects

-25% Midterm Exam

-25% Final Exam

Week Content Lab
1 Overview of Simulation and Visualization:                                                                                        Create a simple model using C Basic, Solidworks and Matlab
2 Build Simple Simulation Models                                                                                    Create a Simple system using Matlab
3 Modeling Complex Systems Create a Complex system using Matlab
4 Building valid, credible and appropriate detailed simulation models Creating simulation models using week 4 design criteria
5 Output Data Analysis Creating simulation models using week 5 design criteria
6 Comparing Alternative System Configurations Creating simulation models to meet various design criteria
7 Simulation of Manufacturing Systems                                                                                               Simulation Project
8 Midterm
9 Simulation of a Simple Control System using Matlab Create a Simple Control System using Matlab
10 Simulation of a Complex Control System using Matlab Create a Complex Control System using Matlab
11 Vibration Simulation using Solidworks


Create a Vibration Simulation Model


12 SimulationXpress using Solidworks


Create an Vibration Report using SimulationXpress
13 Flow Simulation using Solidworks Create a Flow Simulation
14 FloXpress using Solidworks


Create a Flow Simulation using FloXpress
15 Final Exam

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