April 2018 – Service Learning Project for Public Health

Nicotine & Tobacco: What Lies Beneath Service-Learning-Nicotine-Tobacco

This presentation allowed us to explain and understand the harmful effects of chewing tobacco, smoking and the use of electronic vaporizers .


December 2017 – Research Project for Oral Pathology

Erythema Migrans (Geographic Tongue)  Erythema Migrans

This research project gave me insight on the etiology, clinical presentation, demographic, biopsy, histology, radiographic appearance and differential diagnosis for Erythema Migrans.


March 2017 – Spring Fair Scientific Poster Board

Effects of Cocaine on the Oral Cavity Cocaine-Oral-Cavity

As a group we created a poster board presentation discussing the harmful effects of cocaine on the oral cavity such as ulcerations, tooth decay and perforations of the palate.