My name is Samantha Vinci I currently reside in Staten Island, NY and I am a graduate of the Dental Hygiene Program at NYCCT.

From the young age of 14 I have been working in a dental setting. I started out behind the front desk filing charts and confirming appointments and moved on to scheduling and insurance verification.  I knew my passion was working with the patients in the operatory. I knew from the day I started there that I wanted to work as a Dental Hygienist. The patients were always so at ease with their hygiene visits and the women I worked with were an inspiration to me. Many of them worked part-time and were mothers, something I also always hoped to be.

A few years later my eagerness to get behind the scenes and work chairside pushed me to find a job that would train me to become a Dental Assistant. I started out assisting Hygiene and I had so many great experiences. I learned how to expose Radiographs and assisted sealant placements. Upon graduating high school I immediately applied to NYCCT by recommendation of my employer and fellow colleagues. I completed my pre-requisites and was enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program, my dream was becoming a reality!

A lot of work and dedication went into my education, throughout the two years in the program I was tested in more ways than just my schooling. Life threw devastating circumstances my way and I never gave up on accomplishing my goal. I kept working towards it and strived to do my best and give it my all.  It’s easy to say that these two years were the toughest of my life but I learned a tremendous amount of information regarding oral health and gained a vast amount of patient experiences that have shaped me into the hygienist I am today.

Enjoy my ePortfolio which I have created to share my positive experiences as a DH Student through photos, case studies and efforts to provide optimal oral health to all!